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Smarter Education

Smarter Education is one of the three critical pillars of a smart city and extends to the realm of schools, colleges and universities. With the advancements in information technology, technology in educational institutions have moved a long way from computer lab, visited once a week, and a computer in the central office that collected student information data. Today, of course the technological capability goes far beyond – with social technologies, mobile devices, analytics, and cloud technologies – all either brought into our schools and onto our campuses by students and faculty, or fundamentally reshaping how we think about the way we can teach and how students will learn. Everything starts from the smarter governance being wrapped up into the process of an institution.

Though the smarter education starts with automation of the existing institutional process; this is just the tip of the iceberg. Once the entire system is on boarded to an IT platform which can record and monitor various parameters on an educational system, the real capability comes by intuitive outputs which can directly impact the core values of the system like the teaching pattern, learning pattern of each student to even facilitating customized content delivery to students.

A Smarter Education system removes separate management processes and finds new ways to integrate the system, sharing unified and trusted information to make better decisions. It provides opportunities for great education and skill development, while cultivating a lifetime interest for learning. Traditional and new education materials become more accessible, organized, and available in flexible, open learning environments. Linking those materials to individual student requirements and measuring performance through analytics provides a customized, prescriptive learning experience for students. Campuses and classrooms run on a dynamic infrastructure that is flexible and interconnected, and teachers can engage students wherever they are, on whatever device they have. Real time student data helps faculty identify individual needs, and stakeholders including parents and administrators can see how students are doing and make adjustments accordingly. Finally, student interests and strengths are aligned to projected career opportunities, and career pathways are built that will help the student of today become a productive contributor to the engine for economic vitality tomorrow.

We, at Steerforth Private Limited, is working closely with various institutions engaging different age group of students under different styles of management to deliver the best in class solution for your educational institution’s requirement. What’s more exciting? Every improved process is implemented to your existing system devised by us for free or for a very minimal cost as we believe it is our responsibility to create a stronger educational process for a better tomorrow.

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